mad scientist so cool?

all of my recommended videos are just……. hetalia and pearl jam


saw some lovely creatures in a front window display in town lolol ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ

i need to get a new phone but how can i part with my least frequently updated text conversations with greatest hits including: that kid i did an art history project with once, my ex-neighbor, tumblr user dadz0ne, girl whose cosplay posts i sometimes see reblogged on my dash but haven’t spoken with in 3 years, and that one person who sent multiple overly-familar messages calling me by a nickname and inviting me to concerts but that i don’t have added to my contacts and is therefore unidentifiable?

i found this in my drafts and i don’t know why.

transparent guardian bunnies!

transparent guardian bunnies!


new life goals

kuroko no basket meme [5/7 characters]

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