Can I really have these?
Can I really have these?
Capcom of America: ok we've got it. nine-tails vale and tenma town were founded by immigrants. your move, japan.
Capcom of Japan: oh those motherfuckers. someone get me shu takumi on the phone, he'll know the best way to fuck them over
did kagepro get an anime?

it sure did! it’s called mekakucity actors

akiyuki shinbo is directing it and it’s somewhat impeding on my ability to enjoy it but i love kagepro so i’m . trying to get past it… it’s only two episodes in so check it out, my dude

Kenjirou vs Momo

Kenjirou vs Momo

nikki graced me with the most astounding belated birthday gift. i feel blessed.

drive that blue screen

mad scientist so cool?

all of my recommended videos are just……. hetalia and pearl jam